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Visit Weibu Booth at Global Sources Mobile Electronics Exhibition

Date: 2017-10-19 Source:weibu



The Global Sources Mobile Electronics as the best premier business and marketing event features various kinds of digital consumer electronics, wearable electronics, AR technology, premium range to mass market.

This week, running from October 18-21, 2017 at the Asia World Expo in Hong Kong is the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Exhibition, the world’s largest electronics sourcing trade show. The show is a big draw and has become a must attend event for many, and so it is for Weibu and its partner Microsoft.

According to the Head of Weibu Digital BU, “with a decade of accelerating innovation, every show Weibu attended has become a must-visit booth for many valuable global electronics buyers. 

Thus, for this show in autumn, numerous partners both regular ones and potential ones even made meeting reservation before the show was held. 

Ever since its first show day, Weibu Booth is being the most regular visited booth, with its latest technology and innovative products since Weibu is undoubtedly the pioneer for future technology world.  

Spotlight on sectors of Weibu Booth: 



Global Sourcing Mobile Electronics is a fabulous event bringing together the experts and decision makers from in to contact with the consumer businesses as they look to expand their trading options further along with a better professional understanding of the discipline itself.

And Weibu serves as a brilliant leading total solution provider, it plays increasingly more important roles to leading the industrial development.


Just visit us & know more about Weibu at:

Booth NO.:#11K30, Asia World Expo in Hong Kong  (October 18-21, 2017 ) 

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