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Weibu Initiatively Passed Microsoft Cortana Testing Certification by Using External Digital Microphone

Date: 2017-08-17 Source:weibu

Recently, a breaking-through news is widely spread. Weibu innovatively applied an external USB digital microphone, and became the first CTE ecosystem partner to pass through the Microsoft Cortana test certification.


This magnificent breaking-through achievement enables the major Mircrosoft Hero Feature – Cortana to pass through the authorized certification more smoothly and efficiently, and it speeds up more intelligent feature upgrades in the face of ever-changing unpredictable Market demands.


In recent years, Mircrosoft has been acting very actively promoting the Hero Feature- Cortana.


And today’s accomplishment manifests another milestone since our cooperation. The ever-since positive and close co-operation throughout this project, from Weibu colleagues’ unremitting efforts as well as the close collaboration from Microsoft, has gained unanimously praise not only from Microsoft China but also its Headquarters abroad.


This is not easy!

Once again, it witnessed another breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence with the effort of Weibu and Mirosoft collaboration. And this enhanced the two sides to have more far-reaching cooperation possibilities in a broader and confidence way.


Let’s wish that the Microsoft artificial intelligence product of more optimization and upgrading level to develop more innovative possibilities for human beings.

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